Why are the only footprints on the moon human?

Life has existed for 3,700,000,000 years. It reached the moon 53 years ago. We reached it.Why only us?Howdy! I'm Carlos, a solo AGI researcher guided by this question.My work is inspired by David Deutsch, Karl Popper, and Richard Dawkins.

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Speed & Immortality

If we understood minds better, we could improve their hardware and software at every level.We could think, act, and communicate faster.We could be immortal, ending death from aging & accident (by creating backups of ourselves).

Comparative Epistemology

To understand what makes humans special, you need to compare them to other systems.And what really matters is knowledge-creation. Epistemology.So, I try to understand the deep similarities and decisive differences across the entire spectrum of knowledge-creating systems:

  • Humans

  • Animals

  • AI Algorithms

  • Biological Evolution

5 Questions

My research centers on five questions:

  1. Generation. How are new things created?

  2. Selection. Which new things survive?

  3. Representation. What form do ideas take?

  4. Attention. How are resources used?

  5. Implementation. At the level of physics, how do these processes actually work?

Simple though they may seem, each question is rich and deep - hiding many important subproblems.They apply to every knowledge-creating system, but the answers are different for each.And these different answers lead to trillion-fold, exponential, and categorical differences in each system's abilities.

Minds are fascinating

To answer the questions above, I draw from a delightful diversity of fields.It makes the research fun to do - and perhaps fun to follow and fund!Language, logic, computation, causation, emotion, evolution, epistemology...

About Me

I used to work on robotics and longevity (as a data scientist). But, after reading The Beginning of Infinity by David Deutsch ten years ago, I've grown ever more interested in the mechanics of knowledge-creation. (I say more in this post).I now pursue these research questions full-time, and you can help me answer them!

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