De la Guardia


Researching artificial general intelligence

I’m currently exploring a variety of questions, and sharing what I learn in these notes and in my newsletter (where I hope to improve my writing, guided by Steven Pinker’s A Sense of Style).

Making music

I’ve gotten much better at drumming over the last few months (thanks to Drumeo). Now I’m working on recording drum parts for my music, which is inspired by the prog rock band Rush and by various classical composers (e.g. Debussy). To improve my music, I’m also learning about music composition, music notation, and the art of storytelling in fiction.

Roam book and Roam site generator

As I continue to use Roam for my all my personal and research notes, I’ve learned to use it more effectively and aim to eventually share those lessons in a book. I’ve also created a tool to easily publish a selection of my Roam notes online (this site was published that way, and this page was written in Roam). Once I make it easier to use, I aim to start selling it as a product others can use to publish a notes website like this one.

P.S. This page is inspired by Derek Sivers.